Even though many welfare organizations are raising concerns about the use of marijuana, nobody in US are considering it as serious. Neither the users nor the cultivators were bothered about the effects of marijuana. Millions of pounds of marijuana is being seized every day.

Recently, US customs and Border Protection officers seized nearly 600 pound of marijuana at the US Mexico border.

A tractor filled with 183 bales of marijuana which is concealed in the wooden crates with some other stone items was caught by the officials with a 35 year old Mexican citizen attempting to drive across the border. According to the officials the seized marijuana is worth $300,000.

The tractor was caught by the CBP officials with a narcotic detection canine after which a primary officer referred the vehicle for further inspection. After finding the marijuana in the tractor the officials seized the tractor and the driver turned over to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigation.

Not only this single case, number of similar incidents are taking place very frequently. This shows the increase in the number of marijuana users, and the severity of the problem. Many strict laws were enforced in some countries even for a marijuana possession. When all the remaining countries follow the same tradition in implementing the laws this can be controlled.

By MND A01