Open Source Tools for Web Development

Web development basically deals with developing website for users that includes web content development and network configuration. Web development includes coding as per the requirement of the website which can be of simple HTML pages to complex web based or social network application.

Web development tools allow developers to debug their existing code. The tools not only allow users to enhance their code for better user interface but also let them test the website or web application for errors or bugs.

Some popular web development tools

Node.js is a run time environment based on JavaScript built with Google Chrome JavaScript engine. It is one of the good open source web development platforms for developing server-side web applications. Node.js is faster and more efficient because it has event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

Angular JS is a frame work for developing and testing of dynamic web applications. Typically HTML code doesn’t support any dynamic content. Angular.js tool provides additional custom tag attributes as an extension to the existing HTML code. It is an open source platform created by Google.

Brackets is an open source text editor developed by Adobe based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Along with the features of quick editing for HTML and javascript files, it allows instant live preview of the webpage on the browser as the users edit the code. It also supports multiple file types from other software platforms like C, C++, Java, Perl, Python etc.

Bootstrap is an open source tool known for front-end framework for developing website applications. It is known for developing responsive mobile friendly websites based on HTML and CSS with an option of Java script extension. It is helpful in creating user interface components for website like forms, navigation bar, buttons, tags etc.

LESS is a javascript library that works as an extension of CSS for adding dynamic behavior to the variables and functions. It allows customizing & reusing of the style sheet of an existing webpage. LESS.js allows third party tools like Node.js to compile your file and make the required changes for the website.

Notepad++ is source code editor for Windows environment. It is designed as portable software which allows developing applications on the go. It has features of tabbed editing, syntax highlighting and support many programming language like (C, C++, c#, HTML, JAVA, PHP) and markup languages. Notepad++ also supports additional features like user defined syntax highlighting and folding, PCRE (Perl compatible regular expression), GUI, document mapping etc.


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Low-water Container Plants for Patio or Deck

Planting trees and plants in a container or on the ground is no more a longer issue. Garden can be made easily by following some guidelines and instructions. But the selection of plant according to the location or area can make the garden grow in a better and effective way. The right selection of land also enhances the life of the plant. Many times maintenance and taking care of the plant becomes the issue for gardeners and they tend to loose their interest to grow any plant further. Many people want to have the small view of the garden but because of low space and maintenance, they don’t cultivate a garden. So for those garden lovers having a miniature garden is a good idea. With fewer efforts and maintenance this type of garden can be cultivated easily using varieties of containers and make the appearance stunning of any place. Many plants are there for the garden that can survive even with low water level. Usage of those plant in containers can make the patio or deck more beautiful.

2. Pentasminiature garden
Pentas plant is also known as pentas lanceolata. It is a very attractive flower that comes in red, white, pink and purple color. It blooms in the warm tropical region, sunny area and requires well-drained & moist soil. It is a good plant for containers and grows slowly which makes it be considered as an indoor plant.

3. Scarlet Trumpet
It is also known as trumpet vine or trumpet creeper. Red color trumpet flower attracts hummingbirds. After growing to a certain level this plant does not require much maintenance but requires timely pruning to grow in a proper manner.

5. California Poppy
California poppy which also known as eschscholzia californica requires less or minimal watering and suits best to be planted in pots or other containers. It blooms in early summer to early fall in orange, red and yellow colors. California poppy is a drought resistant plant that can tolerate full sunlight.


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Using SaaS For Business Activity

Software as a service is a new approach to deal with the business activities. As the cloud service provider started to provide the saas applications over the internet, dealing with the business processes has really become simple. Using Saas is beneficial because it provides automatic updates to their services with new different features at reasonable subscription cost. SaaS applications reduce the complexity and help in to work in a systematic way. It can provide high performance outcome in business activities.

Different SaaS models help businesses to achieve more accuracy and productivity in every task. There are many SaaS applications that can enable businesses to establish better communication with clients. For instance if business is using cloud based billing software then it can not only facilitate better invoice generation but also help in sending reminders on payments to the clients. Saas services allow business to compete at global level where customer satisfaction can be achieved and result-oriented services can be provided. There are many web service providers who does the designing work for the website so that the website can appear better than other competitors. Web services also provide sites with better ad-management service. And make the products and services advertisement more effective to add more customers/clients. Also there are web service providers who does the monitoring of website’s performance. And notifies site owners to increase the performance of their website, so that the visitors can get a better searching experience to the users.

What SaaS Model can Provide You?

  • SaaS applications can be avail by the user according to their need. Some applications are available freely with a limited access. There are some saas software that does the tracking like time tracking and expense tracking. So that the businesses can effectively deal with the time and expense management. They also generate invoice, maintain a record of client’s payments, etc. And can send the automated invoice to the client and can notify them by e-mail, message, etc.
  • Large number of information can be stored,accessed and updated in a less time through saas software like Google Drive, One Drive, etc. The record can be maintained systematically. Purchasing licensed software and maintaining hardware is not required to deal with the business operations which is more costly than saas software.
  • In business operations saas brings more reliability and instant scalability. Because it is a paid subscription, the service provider manages the hardware and software for your business. And they provide the businesses with customized and integrated structure on programs which is less error prone. By availing the saas one can use the different features of a software and can provide effective service to their business customers.

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Reasons Why Business Processes Needs to be Automated

Automation Process
Automation can be considered as a technique or method that helps in improving the core business activities. It reduces the cost that occur on installation of equipment to exercise the given task. Automation provides more expertise in business processes and minimizes the manpower thinking. Through automation the best quality of product and services can be provided to the customer in a business.
Manual Process
In manual process, business activities depend more on workforce and manpower thinking. The employees needed to be aware of the process and should be technically skilled to deal with different levels of task. Along with that, structure of building, more work force and other office supplies including stationery items are needed.
Lets understand why automation is more important in business process than manual work.
1. Faster Communication
Business activities involve many processes like getting the order for a product, delivering the finished goods and services, generating invoices, etc. Thus, automation makes those activities to get completed in a less time. Automation make it easy to get the order from clients, giving details about product and services and knowing their preferences to produce the product. With a software supporting the process over internet, the communication can be made with clients from anywhere. In fact automation helps in to have a systematic record of a client’s demand and communication made with them. In case of manual, maintaining the communication record of clients may lack behind at various level. Because many times client may not be available for communication. Also getting order from them and starting the production process may get delayed.
2. Elimination of Error and Cost Reduction
It decreases the chances of error happening, because the software is a integration of structured program. It provides an efficient workflow for generating the clients bills and maintaining different documentation. Many times situations occur where the data need to be updated of a client to maintain a systematic record. So, in such areas automation becomes helpful by allowing the employee to make the required changes in records, to keep it updated. Also, it is easy to train employees on software that is used for automation rather than train them to get the expertise for manual process. In manual based process the cost incurred is more, to provide the effective training to the employees to make them more productive. If employees do not have enough expertise, then more mistakes will arrive while doing paper based work, and it tends to increase the cost to maintain the records again.
3. Categorizes the Work
Automation provides a platform for different department in a business, that helps them to categorize the level of process according to its importance. It tracks the time of each work activity and provides automated reminder timely to complete a task. A manually managed work cannot be that effective, because every time it depends upon manpower efforts. And sometimes the workforce will not be able to provide the productive results.
4. Better Decision Making
Automation provide the effective analysis to the workforce, where better decision making can be made. It reduces manpower effort and improves performance in business at various levels. It helps in to provide a real-time situation for the executives like accounting and finance, recruiting, sales and marketing, production & distribution, and motivates them to make strategies effectively. This makes the business activity to give more stronger and better approach to get productive results. In the case of manual, sometimes it is quite hard to motivate the employees for better performance. Additionally, if proper decisions are not made related to business process, then productivity will fall. Also, it may effect the outcome of business activities.
5. Encourages Productive Efforts
Every business works to succeed in their areas and facilitate the clients with their product and services. In order to customize the services to get better results the automation work at advance level. It allows the firms to have the knowledge about trending areas in the market and provide best features to simplify the process. Here, business processes can be improvised and needed actions can be taken, to satisfy the clients and achieve new heights in business. Manually operated businesses need more efforts of workforce which may not always result to higher productivity. They may lack behind in creativity for business activities and also to fulfil the market demand.


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What is an endodontic treatment and who requires it?

Endodontics is refered to one of the commonly known procedures in dentistry called root canal therapy which involves the treatment of the soft tissue containing nerves and blood vessels inside the hardest part of your tooth. The reasons for inflammation or infection inside the root might be different, it can be the deep cavity that has destroyed the tooth structure or untreated gum disease spreading the infection. If infected badly, nerves inside the root get exposed to the food particles, sensitivity of the tooth increases and the patient suffers with unbearable pain while chewing or drinking.

What happens if it is left untreated?

It is hard to sustain the pulp infection pain and generally patients immediately rush to hospitals for proper treatment to get the relief. However, if left untreated, the infection can spread deep inside and destroy the bone bearing the tooth, further weakening it resulting in cracking or breaking down completely. Hence, the root canal procedure has to be followed as soon as the symptoms occur, where the infected pulp tissue inside the harder shell will be removed to protect the tooth from further damage. As a part of home care treatment some people follow certain remedies to lessen the pain, but remember it gives only temporary relief but not permanent cure for the infection.

Treatment or procedure

The endodontic treatments are little bit irritating initially but once the procedure is done, patient gets complete relief from the pain. The number of steps or doctor visits vary from one case to the other and depend on the level of infection. The procedure is almost equal to the routine filling where the infection that has spread deep inside gets removed, cleaned & disinfected and then filled with filling material to seal it. Once the tooth is restored, dentists advice for a crown or cap to cover the tooth and protect the filling from falling out.

What can you expect after the treatment?

The primary advantage with treatment is the tooth continues to function normally, with no strain while biting or chewing. More than anything else, the patient will have no throbbing pain that has been caused by the tooth sensitivity or nerve exposure. There will not be any change in the appearance or jaw structure and it looks almost natural like before. In very rare cases, the treatment fails to heal and patient continues to experience pain even after the procedure. Sometimes, the pain subsides initially but comes back after few months or years. In such cases, it is essential to visit the doctor immediately for further suggestions or treatments.



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3D Laproscopic Monitors – A Helpful Tool in Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Also known as laparoscopy, Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is a relatively new surgery comprising procedures performed with special miniaturized instruments and imaging reproduction systems. Today, technology has made MIS efficient, safe, and an applicable tool for pediatric surgeons with positives. In this article, we’ll discuss how laparoscopic monitors are a helpful tool in MIS.

Why 3D laparoscopy?
The introduction of 3D high definition systems has been advocated to overcome some of the problems related to standard MIS visual limitations. All procedures cannot be performed in minimally invasive methods. During MIS, surgeons perform multiple small surgical openings in skin is a few mm sixe. An endoscope is used to get Images or a clear view of the surgical area. The technique enables the surgeon to explore, remove, or repair inside the body.

Working of 3D systems
The 3D high-defintion (HD) system has two charge-coupled device image sensors. These sensors are located at the bback end of the laparoscope so that it could get images on the left and right. These two image-signals are processed by a video system to generate a high-resolution 3D image, which is displayed on a 3D monitor and viewed through 3D glasses to provide realistic images.The simultaneous manipulation of convergence and interaxial permits the placement of objects within the 3D space controlling the depth.

Benefits of 3D laproscopic monitors over MIS
3D systems merge computer graphics and real images into a single window fot the surgeon. It records images of the same object at varying angles separtely to enable different view of the object.

Features to be considered in 3D laparoscopic monitors

  • Magnification is important because it improves tissue visualization
  • 3D systems permit superior task efficiency and improved surgeon performance.
  • The overall time to complete the procedure is reduced along with the total error rate.

Advantages of 3D laproscopic monitors in MIS

  • It supports precise spatial orientation .
  • Itmproves hand-eye coordiantion effectively.
  • It helps to achieve precise results.
  • It gives detailed information accurately .
  • It leads in reduction of time and surgeon fatigue .

Drawbacks associated with 3D laproscopic monitors

  • It costs very high.
  • Pre-operative planning and postoperative evaluation is cumbersome .
  • pathologies of different origin (congenital and acquired) affecting organs in and around.

Applications of 3D laproscopic monitors

  • Used in laparoscopic surgeries.
  • For effective microsurgeries.
  • In use with robotic surgery.
  • Live broadcast surgery in 3D via the Internet.
  • Detection of shapes, orientations and positions of organs improving anatomical understanding.

Today, advancement in instruments has led to more comfortable giving quicker, more accurate, and precise results improving the picture quality and resolution, image separation, etc. In the long run, however, 3D laproscopic systems are expected to be more widely used.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing Rebuilt Used Engines

It is a good idea to buy a used engine for the vehicle, for it brings advantages. Rebuilt or re-manufactured engines are made of the parts of the old engines, enriched in quality, to make them good enough as the new car engines. But, these engines may also bring few disadvantages, as they have already been used. So, would you like to know the pros and cons of the rebuilt used engines? Then, go through the below information.

Advantages of rebuilt used engines
Cost effective
Rebuilt used engines save lot of your money spent on the worn out or new engines. If your engine is damaged, better replace it with the rebuilt engine; because, repairing the engine or buying the new engine may simply increase your investment bringing no benefit to you. Repaired parts may wear off any time. So, you can’t keep trust on those engines. So, it is advisable to get the rebuilt or rebuilt the used engine for your vehicle.

Though rebuilt engines are made of used parts, they generally meet the original standards as of the new engine. But, if they are used, we can’t predict the reliability of the engine as that of a new rebuilt engine. This can be analyzed with the help of a few mechanical checks.

Saves energy and resources
Rebuilt engines doesn’t allow to consume the energy and resources used for manufacturing them, as they are made of already used parts. Purchasing rebuilt used engines is eco-friendly decision as you are not imposing burden of manufacturing the new engines.
Thus, overall, the rebuilt engines help the vehicle to extend its life time with less cost.

Disadvantages of rebuilt used engines
Along with the advantages, rebuilt engines can also bring few disadvantages, once they are used. Some of them are:

Wear and tear of the engine
If you purchase the rebuilt used engine, there is a chance that your vehicle may meet with an accident and thereby damage the engine parts. But, you can identify this before you purchase the engine, with the help of a mechanical inspection.

Less or no warranty
Sometimes, the rebuilt used engines may have less warranty or no warranty, if it is used or as if they are re-manufactured or rebuilt.

These are the pros and cons of rebuilt used engines. So, if you are going to purchase the rebuilt used engines, you must be aware of these factors, to make sure that you get a good rebuilt used engine for your vehicle in less amount.
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Best Cities to Work in Texas

Texas’s diversified opportunities in employment and low cost of living with various cities to work makes it an ideal choice for people looking forward fro jobs. In this article, a brief description about various cities to work present in Texas have been mentioned.

List of top cities to work and their significance

  • League city: It is the largest city in Galveston county, and is known for its beautiful marina’s offering access to different boating activities very easily.
    • Johnson space center located in Houston provides with jobs in aerospace and other industries like medicine, energy and tourism.
  • Allen: It is a great city for job seekers with strong increase in population and lower unemployment rate.
    • Allen independent school district is one of the biggest employers for educated workers.
    • Other major industries present in the city includes medicine, graphic design and government work.
    • Being 12 miles away from Dallas it makes a popular home fro commuters.
  • Sugar land: Despite its name it is called as “fittest city in Texas” with the highest median income among top ten at $50,598.
    • It has diverse economy with with industries like engineering software, energy and manufacturing with an unemployment rate of 4.7%.
  • McKinney: It is noted as the fastest growing city by the census board with large rise in population.
    • It has low unemployment rate of 5.8%and is a center for medical, technology and manufacturing companies.
    • Mc independent school district also is a large employer present in Texas.
  • Grand prairie: It is a city with aviation and defense workers being the home to north American aviation facilities and American airlines with a low unemployment rate of 6%.
  • Midland: The economy of midland is mostly driven by the energy and oil industry.
    • A rapid population growth occurred and attract workers in to various industries like medicine, education and energy.
    • Its unemployment rate is around 3%.
  • Edinburg: With highest population growth and presence of major industries which includes education, manufacturing, finance, medicine and energy makes it among best cities in Texas.
    • Its unemployment was up to 6.9%.
  • Irving: It is one of the major economic centers with major industries getting located in the area. Companies like Archon group, Exxon mobil, commercial metal company and BlackBerry are headquartered in this city.
    • Unemployment rate was 5.6% with Verizon, Nokia and Citi group being the major industries.
  • Bryan: This city is popular for businesses in processing, retail and manufacturing.
    • The major industries present in Bryan include healthcare, government and education with the Bryan independent school district, the university of Texas and the city of Bryan being the major employers.
    • The unemployment rate stands at 5.1%.
  • Plano: It is one of the most populous cities in Texas, and is rated as one of the greatest places to reside in.
    • It is the home to industries like technology, finance, software and medicine.
    • Major employers include capital one, medical center of Plano and American home loans with the unemployment rate of 5.5%.

The above list gives information regarding the various cities present in Texas with the major employers located within. The cities are ranked best due to reasons pertaining to the standard of living and the employment opportunities present.
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Basics of Email Marketing

Ad serverEmail marketing is a form of direct marketing in which a promoter or advertising firm does marketing by directly approaching a potential customer through emails. This method of online marketing engages the promoter and customer directly. Hence exact feedback of the customer can be gathered and sales can be closed if the customer is interested. Email marketing helps in attending to a already existing customer and targeting new products and sales to him. This helps in building brand recognition, trust and long term association with a customer. The only tricky thing that exists with this product is that the promoter has to arrange for the email addresses of the clients and prospective customers. This can be done by filling the registration forms, asking for subscribing to newsletters and arranging for email ids through surveys.

Types of email marketing
Engaging directly with the customers in a private space is the major advantage of this approach. There are different ways through which marketing with the help of emails can be done.

  • Newsletters opting: This is initiated when a user logs on to some website in search of some information or out of interest. The website asks the user for his email address. Once his email address gets profiled, weekly or monthly newsletters are dispatched to the user’s mail promoting new products and their features. In this way, the product directly targets the potential customer who is actually interested in the product and not imposing it on some random customer.
  • Direct emails: Direct emails are aimed at sole purpose of marketing the product. The company has to arrange for email ids of different prospective customers for this purpose. Usually, the company arranges for the email ids through some surveys, filling up of registration forms, collecting email ids from some earlier surveys or contacting some other agencies for email ids. The promotional product and related product is directly mailed to the user without any assumptions and expectations.
  • Transactional emails: This type of promotional approach is generally employed with people who have already went into some sale or purchase agreement with the brand. The company keeps in constant touch with the customer through email. Initially it is just about acknowledging the purchase and sending the receipts and informing about the sales and service related issues. Afterward, company engages in targeting new products to the customer. It is in the favor of the company as a customer generally favors to have the product with same brand in home if the earlier one is working fine. This helps in building confidence in the customer and leads to long term association.

Email marketing low cost, interactive and attracting method of online advertising. It communicates customers directly and is a very effective online marketing method.
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New Car Launches in Toyota Motors 2014

Toyota is known for their vehicles that are some of the most modern with safety features that could enhance your driving. In this article, we have listed some of new cars (with specifications and their performance features) that ford is going to launch this year.

Some of the newly launching/launched cars by Toyota we are discussing in this article are:

  • Toyota Avalon
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Corolla

Toyota Avalon XLE
Toyota Avalon is one of the mid-size cars launched by Toyota. Here are the specifications and performance feature of Toyota Avalon.

Specifications of Toyota Avalon XLE 2014

Gas Mileage 22 mpg City/32 mpg Hwy
Engine Regular Unleaded V-6, 3.5 L
EPA Class Mid-size Cars
Base curb weight(KG) Base curb weight(KG)
Driving Type Front Wheel Drive
Passenger Capacity 5
Passenger Doors 4
Body Style 4dr Car
Fuel Capacity 77.35Litres (17 Gallons)
Transmission System Transmission: 6-Speed ECT-i Automatic (U 660E)
Steering Type Rack and pinion

Features of Toyota Avalon XLE 2014

  • Adaptive Cruise Control system
  • Pre-collision system
  • Automatic high beams system
  • Smart key system
  • Backup camera
  • Universal garage-door opener
  • Blind Spot monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Steering-wheel paddle-shifters (V-6 model only)
  • Three-zone automatic climate control system
  • A rear sunshade, HID headlamps and LED daytime running lights
  • Touch-screen display audio system
  • Entune App Suite for allowing you to run a series of apps on the touch screen, using the data connection through smart phone
  • Safety Features
  • Electronic stability control System
  • Anti-lock brakes with brake assist system
  • Smart stop brake-override system
  • Ten airbags are included in all Avalon models. Driver and front passenger knee bags and rear outboard seat-mounted bags are included in that safety set.
  • Performance of Toyota Avalon XLE 2014
  • Toyota Avalon XLE 2014 has 3.5-liter V-6 Engine, equivalent to 268 horsepower
  • Fuel efficiency of 21 mpg city, 31 mpg highway.
  • The combine rating of this car is 25 mpg.
  • It allows Zero to 60 mph just in 6.7 seconds.

Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry is the one of the Mid-size cars launched by Toyota motors. Toyota Camry ranges from economical and basic to high-tech luxurious.

Specifications of Toyota Camry 2014

Gas Mileage 25 mpg City/35 mpg Hwy
Engine Gas I4, 2.5L
EPA Class Mid-size Cars
Base curb weight(KG) 1444.7
Driving Type Front Wheel Drive
Passenger Capacity 5
Passenger Doors 4
Body Style 4dr Car
Fuel capacity 77.35Litres (17 Gallons)
Transmission System 6-Speed Automatic
Steering Type Rack and pinion

Features of Toyota Camry 2014

  • Three-spoke leather-trimmed steering wheel
  • Transmission system along with steering-wheel paddle shifters.
  • Smart Key system, and Optitron meters.
    • Safety Features
  • Ten standard airbags, including new front passenger, knee bags and rear side airbags for outboard passengers.
  • A rear-view camera system and an optional blind-spot monitoring system is paired with Rear Cross Traffic Alert.
  • Performance of Toyota Camry 2014
  • Engine size: 2.5-lite, 4-cylinder
  • Fuel efficiency is 25 mpg (city) and 35 mpg (highway).
  • The combined rating of this car is 28 mpg.

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