White clothes or dark clothes? It all depends on the style and color of your outfit. White clothes (as a general rule) are better to wear in sunny places since they reflect light and heat away from your body. Dark colors absorb heat but tend to be harder to see out of – so some colors could work better depending on the situation you’re in.

One of the most important factors in determining the effectiveness of fabric against UV rays is the design and weave, but it’s also essential to consider color too.


Good-quality clothing, hats, and goggles can offer physical protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays. As summer approaches, we think of light clothes and refreshing drinks. The clothing you wear during the summer provides a physical block between your skin and the sunlight. Unlike sunscreen, this does not need to be applied every few hours. Natural fabrics behave differently than synthetic fabrics, so try out different types of clothing. If you frequently get exposed to sun light, you can consider buying an umbrella.

We were all told to wear lighter colors because they are the coolest colors in the sun. But scientific studies show that darker colors are more effective at protecting us from UV rays. Just like a denser weave can prevent UV rays from reaching and damaging your skin, certain colors will do the same.

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The answer to this question is yes and no. When it comes to sun protection you need to consider factors like your skin type, hair color and length, age, and more. For example, if you have fair skin or light-colored hair that’s short then you may be better off wearing white clothes because they reflect UV rays toward your body. Darker clothes don’t let the sun’s rays pass through them and absorb them instead. Thereby providing better UV protection.

Although we’re all familiar with the sun’s power to burn, we also know that it’s important to wear sunscreen and protective clothing such as a hat when spending time in the sun. Dark colors absorb more sunlight than light colors, so white clothing will keep you cool in hot weather and make you feel hot in intense sunshine. White is high on the color spectrum for reflecting heat and making us cooler inside, but that effect isn’t necessarily obvious when looking at people. If you want maximum protection from sunburn, wear a hat–even when there’s no white jacket needed–and long sleeves that won’t slip or move around when you turn your arms up in front.

White clothes are better to wear in sun than dark clothes. Dark clothes absorb more heat and reflect less light, which means that you lose heat as you walk, run, and do other physical activities. So, white clothes will be cooler on your body than they would be if they were made of some other color.

Protect yourself from the sun’s rays with a dark shirt and light pants! And if you like to do outdoor activities, wearing white clothes may be advantageous.

There is a study that shows that materials with darker colors provide better UV rays protection than lighter colors. Interestingly, the style that provides the most protection from the sun is dark blue because it didn’t let through as many rays. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t white and yellow which are the coolest colors in the sun – they offer the least amount of protection!

As a result, it can be good to choose sunny clothes during summer. However, if purchasing UPF clothing is not possible due to any reason, don’t worry and instead opt for fully-covered clothes that offer protection from sunlight. Using sunscreen on the exposed parts may also help you keep away tans and the harmful radiation from direct sun. Accessories like gloves and hats may also be helpful to help protect your skin from direct sun exposure.