Many people around the world might have heard about marijuana, a very familiar illicit drug which has been used by many people, particularly teens. If we look at the number of cases that were booked on marijuana possession and the millions of pounds of marijuana being seized every day, we don’t have a need to look at the number of marijuana users all around.

Authorities with the California Department of Fish and Game, Campaign against Marijuana Planting (CAMP), Tehama County Sheriff’s Department, Trinity County Sheriff’s Department, US Bureau of Land Management, and US Forest Service raided a large marijuana growing operation near Pattymocas Lookout.

The officials found two men at the place of incidence and arrested them. They both are being held at Tehama Country jail with a penalty of $50,000 for the cultivation of marijuana. Due to some poor weather the agents cannot find any other people. However, next day they again came to the same place and captured four men. This time they are able to safely clear the eight growing sites and are successful in eradicating 22,302 plants.

Besides all these things happening very frequently, we cannot see the decrease of marijuana users. So, it is not only the responsibility of the government to implement strong laws and to catch the culprits who are involved in the illegal possession, but it is also the responsibility of every citizen to take care of his health and habits which should influence the society in a positive way.

By MND A01