Alcohol is such a dreadful thing which may cause death in any situation. Alcoholic deaths may be of different types. They might be due to health problems, accidents, suicides, homicides or death due to violence.

We commonly feel like accident is the something which happens due to an automobile crash or an road accident. But it is not. Something which happened all of a sudden, can be termed as an accident. So, the same happens in case of alcoholic abuse also. Many people think that, if they consume alcohol they may die 10 or 20 years before their expected life time. But it is not true in every case. Things may go wrong at any time or any where.

NIDA reports say that:

  • 5% of alcoholic deaths are due to circulatory problems. This means a heavy drinkers heart may stop at any time.
  • 15% are due to respiratory problems. No body knows when alcohol is going to take his last breath.
  • 30% of accidental drownings are due to alcohol.
  • 30% of suicides are due to alcohol. No one can judge a boozers state of mind. He might commit suicide at any moment.
  • 45% are due to accidents. A heavy drinker riding a car may die suddenly in an automobile crash.

Losing a person accidentally is more painful when compared to other reasons of death. Don’t make somebody who cares you, feel alone and depressed through out their life because of your deadly habit.

By MND A01