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Phygital may or may not be a new terminology for you but, this term is gaining popularity in 2022. It is not a new concept if you know about Immersion marketing. However, it has multiple approaches and aspects when it moves to different industries viz. from marketing to banking to production.

It is a concept of offering an omnichannel marketing approach. Striking the right balance between the clients and customer experience with the marketing channels is all about phygital. To know more about what is phygital in marketing, you must understand the definition with examples and its purpose in marketing.

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What is Phygital?
Phygital is the new term gaining popularity in digital technology. Let’s start by understanding the definition. Physical + digital = Phygital. Anything technological when it tries to overlap between physical and digital worlds is called Phygital. It is a common term in the retail and marketing industry. The biggest example of phygital is consumer or client. The simple reason is that consumer is present in both physical and digital forms.

Both marketers and retailers utilize the same space. It will help to meet the physical and digital requirements of consumers. The reason is simple. Both marketing approaches have their distinct set of advantages and benefits that you should know about. You cannot interchange or swap the digital shopping experience with old school brick-and-mortar experience.

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Phygital in marketing – a few examples
QR code is one of the top examples of phygital in marketing. It involves traditional mediums like magazines, hoardings, and poster ads with digital technology to give the best customer experience.
Social media promotions and launches are other examples of phygital marketing. When you launch a range of products, you can receive an immediate response from your users who can either become instant customers or may turn into potential customers.

Real-time examples of Phygital
Magik Book launched a unique interactive marketing catalog for its clients in the showroom. With this book, you can digitally connect and explore more about the product, viz. its features, pros and cons, pricing, comparison with other products in the same line.

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The Magik book created this engaging phygital platform for the Porsche showroom. So, when you flip the book, you get one unique feature of the car, a mini description on how to use it, and its comparison to other cars of the same range.

The wrap
The pandemic has reshaped the way businesses are conducted at this present time. With mobile devices on the rise, customers will continue to use their mobile devices to improve their experiences. Hence, the reach of phygital marketing will increase in future businesses, the way they will be carried. Customers love the experience of buying and browsing. It offers both digital and physical approaches. Hence, this means of marketing is a powerful way to engage and connect consumers. Phygital creates that opportunity for any product – apparel, car, cosmetics, and even services. It is the ideal marketing strategy for millennials and Gen Z clients.