Technology is the most dynamic aspect of the global business market. You cannot avoid it; you cannot stop it. So, the best way to keep up with the upcoming trends is to match its dynamism and embrace it. Bridging the gap between store shopping (old-fashioned sale) and online marketing came to an end during the pandemic. In a survey conducted, it became known that more than 70% of online shopping began during the pandemic period. More and more people started switching to digital base buying and selling.

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Phygital rose from a term to actuality. Tapping the customer feedback is easier with phygital. You get instant and real-time consumer behavior. But what does the term phygital mean? Read this article to get a peek at this combo term.

What is Phygital?
The omnichannel enables the customer to make the most by integrating the physical and digital marketing world. Several features incorporate the digital aspects to provide a perfect UX experience. When digital advancement is prevalent in almost every sphere of life, you cannot oversee this aspect of marketing to collaborate the traditional methods with the online medium.

When and how did the term Phygitalization come?
With the advancement in globalization and the introduction of the internet in every house in the 90s, the digital revolution brought several changes in customer behavior. Although, the digital platforms were pacing up to match with traditional store marketing was a remote possibility. Soon, with the boom of smartphones, a transformation brought the Digital Era.

An amalgamation of physical stores with digital medium brought the revolutionary global change, and the term for this is Phygitalization. Physical + Digital = Phygital.

The great American marketing expert, Philip Kotler exhibits the need and expansion of consumers liking towards mixed marketing approaches in ‘Marketing 4.0.’ He says that you cannot ignore the future digitalization of marketing were buying a sock will go beyond touch-feel.

Implementing the phygital strategy
Make the most of the omnichannel marketing strategy. You can initiate this by integrating your client’s channels with the sales channels that lead to engaging customers. You can understand the buying behavior, real-time feedback, promotions, and launches of any products become easier and quicker.

Trigger integrated actions by targeting both online and offline worlds. You can do this by connecting your online buyers with store experiences. For example, live videos, walkthroughs, chatbots, and storyboards. Make technology your ally. Bring small technological changes to your payment methods and attach smarter devices to bring the digital experience to your consumers. Introduce QR codes scans, AI tools, and smartphones to promote and connect with the customers.

The idea behind the concept and use of advanced technology is to bridge the physical and online world. Hence, it can add to the interactive experience and enable users to gain the best of both worlds.

With Phygital, you can certainly leave a lasting consumer experience. When you plan your marketing strategy, keep your customer experience a priority.