Texas’s diversified opportunities in employment and low cost of living with various cities to work makes it an ideal choice for people looking forward for jobs. In this article, a brief description about various cities to work present in Texas have been mentioned.

List of top cities in Texas to work and their significance

  • League City: It is the largest city in Galveston county, and is known for its beautiful marina’s offering access to different boating activities very easily.
    • Johnson space center located in Houston provides with jobs in aerospace and other industries like medicine, energy and tourism.
  • Allen: It is a great city for job seekers with strong increase in population and lower unemployment rate.
    • Allen independent school district is one of the biggest employers for educated workers.
    • Other major industries present in the city includes medicine, graphic design and government work.
    • Being 12 miles away from Dallas it makes a popular home for commuters.
  • Sugar Land: Despite its name it is called as “fittest city in Texas” with the highest median income among top ten at $50,598.
    • It has diverse economy with with industries like engineering software, energy and manufacturing with an unemployment rate of 4.7%.
  • McKinney: It is noted as the fastest growing city by the census board with large rise in population.
    • It has low unemployment rate of 5.8% and is a center for medical, technology and manufacturing companies.
    • McKinney independent school district also is a large employer.
  • Grand Prairie: It is a city with aviation and defense workers being the home to north American aviation facilities and American airlines with a low unemployment rate of 6%.
  • Midland: The economy of midland is mostly driven by the energy and oil industry.
    • A rapid population growth occurred and attract workers in to various industries like medicine, education and energy.
    • Its unemployment rate is around 3%.
  • Edinburg: With highest population growth and presence of major industries which includes education, manufacturing, finance, medicine and energy makes it among best cities in Texas.
    • Its unemployment was up to 6.9%.
  • Irving: It is one of the major economic centers with major industries getting located in the area. Companies like Archon group, Exxon Mobil, Commercial metal company and BlackBerry are headquartered in this city.
    • Unemployment rate was 5.6% with Verizon, Nokia and Citigroup being the major corporations.
  • Bryan: This city is popular for businesses in processing, retail and manufacturing.
    • The major industries present in Bryan include healthcare, government and education with the Bryan independent school district, the university of Texas and the city of Bryan being the major employers.
    • The unemployment rate stands at 5.1%.
  • Plano: It is one of the most populous cities in Texas, and is rated as one of the greatest places to reside in.
    • It is the home to industries like technology, finance, software and medicine.
    • Major employers include capital one, medical center of Plano and American home loans with the unemployment rate of 5.5%.

The above list gives information regarding the various cities present in Texas with the major employers located within. The cities are ranked best due to reasons pertaining to the standard of living and the employment opportunities present.