Email marketing is a form of direct marketing in which a promoter or advertising firm does marketing by directly approaching a potential customer through emails. This method of online marketing engages the promoter and customer directly. Hence exact feedback of the customer can be gathered and sales can be closed if the customer is interested. Email marketing helps in attending to a already existing customer and targeting new products and sales to him. This helps in building brand recognition, trust and long term association with a customer. The only tricky thing that exists with this product is that the promoter has to arrange for the email addresses of the clients and prospective customers. This can be done by filling the registration forms, asking for subscribing to newsletters and arranging for email ids through surveys.

Ad serverTypes of email marketing
Engaging directly with the customers in a private space is the major advantage of this approach. There are different ways through which marketing with the help of emails can be done.

  • Newsletters opting: This is initiated when a user logs on to some website in search of some information or out of interest. The website asks the user for his email address. Once his email address gets profiled, weekly or monthly newsletters are dispatched to the user’s mail promoting new products and their features. In this way, the product directly targets the potential customer who is actually interested in the product and not imposing it on some random customer.
  • Direct emails: Direct emails are aimed at sole purpose of marketing the product. The company has to arrange for email ids of different prospective customers for this purpose. Usually, the company arranges for the email ids through some surveys, filling up of registration forms, collecting email ids from some earlier surveys or contacting some other agencies for email ids. The promotional product and related product is directly mailed to the user without any assumptions and expectations.
  • Ad serving platformsTransactional emails: This type of promotional approach is generally employed with people who have already went into some sale or purchase agreement with the brand. The company keeps in constant touch with the customer through email. Initially it is just about acknowledging the purchase and sending the receipts and informing about the sales and service related issues. Afterward, company engages in targeting new products to the customer. It is in the favor of the company as a customer generally favors to have the product with same brand in home if the earlier one is working fine. This helps in building confidence in the customer and leads to long term association.

Email marketing low cost, interactive and attracting method of online advertising. It communicates customers directly and is a very effective online marketing method.