The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the online advertising trend in 2020. It has allowed digital marketers to reach out to people in their homes. This digital transformation has maximized the use of video content, voice search, and mobile content in recent times. However, the execution of digital advertising is not an easy task. But with the emerging trend, marketers are optimistic about the rising popularity and growth of online advertising.

The recent trends in the online advertisement sector:

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Keep it short and to the point:
The analysis says that consumers do not have the patience to watch long advertisement videos. Every second spent by your customers on the website counts. So, stick to ultra-short ads to stop the audience from clicking on the ‘skip button’. But be mindful of conveying the primary message to the consumer within the stipulated period.

Storytelling is the new trend:
Share your stories and customer testimonials to tell your consumers about how your products can benefit them and solve a specific problem. Even though this is not a direct sales strategy but is a great way to make your consumers remember your brand, especially those considering a solution to any particular problem.

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Personalized ads:
Personalized advertisement is the practice of creating content tailored to each target audience. Case studies show that consumers are more likely to choose a brand that promises offers and recommendations relevant to them. Personalized advertising is a behavioral marketing method. It is not just personalized content, but you have to ensure that your target audiences receive the adverts at the right time and right place. A digital marketer personalizes emails, products, content, and other things to maximize user experience.

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Gaming platforms as ad channels:
Online advertisers target three main areas within the gaming industry. These include:
Around game ads – advertisers can incorporate pop-ups, banners, and short videos.
In-game ads – Here, digital marketers can choose dynamic or static advertisements
Advergaming – Here, games are specifically designed to promote products and services.
Mobile gaming – along with banner ads, marketers can incorporate interstitial ads and reward ads on various mobile gaming apps.

The dominance of artificial intelligence:
AI technology can analyze more data and precisely predict the demands of the consumers. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is easy to analyze the behavior and purchase history of the audiences. As this technology helps predict consumers’ next move, therefore, it helps marketers target them with their products and services right when they need them. Hence, artificial intelligence is expected to play a more prominent role in the field of digital advertising.

Video marketing is here to stay:
Videos will continue to be the choice for digital marketers in 2022. Undoubtedly, videos provide an opportunity for companies to engage their targeted audience. Hence, the interactivity of video marketing will help reduce the distance between the business and its patrons so far as communication is concerned.

Overall, the digital advertising industry is expanding rapidly with consumers showing keen interest and spending more time on social media and mobile devices.