Automation process
Automation can be considered as a technique or method that helps in improving the core business activities. It reduces the cost that occur on installation of equipment to exercise the given task. Automation provides more expertise in business processes and minimizes the manpower thinking. Through automation the best quality of product and services can be provided to the customer in a business.

Manual process
In manual process, business activities depend more on workforce and manpower thinking. The employees needed to be aware of the process and should be technically skilled to deal with different levels of task. Along with that, structure of building, more work force and other office supplies including stationery items are needed.

Lets understand why automation is more important in business process than manual work.

1. Faster communication
ad servingBusiness activities involve many processes like getting the order for a product, delivering the finished goods and services, generating invoices, etc. Thus, automation makes those activities to get completed in a less time. Automation make it easy to get the order from clients, giving details about product and services and knowing their preferences to produce the product. With a software supporting the process over internet, the communication can be made with clients from anywhere. In fact automation helps in to have a systematic record of a client’s demand and communication made with them. In case of manual, maintaining the communication record of clients may lack behind at various level. Because many times client may not be available for communication. Also getting order from them and starting the production process may get delayed.

2. Elimination of error and cost reduction
It decreases the chances of error happening, because the software is a integration of structured program. It provides an efficient workflow for generating the clients bills and maintaining different documentation. Many times situations occur where the data need to be updated of a client to maintain a systematic record. So, in such areas automation becomes helpful by allowing the employee to make the required changes in records, to keep it updated. Also, it is easy to train employees on software that is used for automation rather than train them to get the expertise for manual process. In manual based process the cost incurred is more, to provide the effective training to the employees to make them more productive. If employees do not have enough expertise, then more mistakes will arrive while doing paper based work, and it tends to increase the cost to maintain the records again.

3. Categorizes the work
Automation provides a platform for different department in a business, that helps them to categorize the level of process according to its importance. It tracks the time of each work activity and provides automated reminder timely to complete a task. A manually managed work cannot be that effective, because every time it depends upon manpower efforts. And sometimes the workforce will not be able to provide the productive results.

4. Better decision making
Automation provide the effective analysis to the workforce, where better decision making can be made. It reduces manpower effort and improves performance in business at various levels. It helps in to provide a real-time situation for the executives like accounting and finance, recruiting, sales and marketing, production & distribution, and motivates them to make strategies effectively. This makes the business activity to give more stronger and better approach to get productive results. In the case of manual, sometimes it is quite hard to motivate the employees for better performance. Additionally, if proper decisions are not made related to business process, then productivity will fall. Also, it may effect the outcome of business activities.

5. Encourages productive efforts
ad servers for publishersEvery business works to succeed in their areas and facilitate the clients with their product and services. In order to customize the services to get better results the automation work at advance level. It allows the firms to have the knowledge about trending areas in the market and provide best features to simplify the process. Here, business processes can be improvised and needed actions can be taken, to satisfy the clients and achieve new heights in business. Manually operated businesses need more efforts of workforce which may not always result to higher productivity. They may lack behind in creativity for business activities and also to fulfil the market demand.