Laser Root Canal Therapy with Advanced Techniques

Now days traditional methods of treatments are almost replaced in many countries because of the fast growth in the technology. It has many applications in different fields industries to medicine. Therefore, the dentistry also came up with new techniques in all aspects. This has given a new path to the dental field. Laser root canal therapy is one among them.

Laser Root Canal Therapy:
People with fear of taking the traditional root canal treatment, which are painful. For this kind of people, this laser root canal therapy brings smile in their faces because the traditional method is too painful. Mainly the treatment is carried out to remove damaged part of the pulp, which causes severe pain.

This is a very simple procedure. Laser root canal therapy uses a parallel beam of light, which cleans the root canals. It melts debris that consists of bacteria and infection, which is called as the “Smear layer” of the teeth root. This take very less time to operate when compared to the conventional methods.

Waterlase laser therapy:
Waterlase dental laser is the latest laser root canal therapy. This therapy uses high-pressure water and the laser to remove the tissues that are damaged and which are infectious. Without any drilling and hand files the waterlase system here produces pressure and heat so that the damaged part is removed. With this treatment the laser goes deep in to the root of the teeth and removes all the bacteria and debris, which is not clearly done with the traditional approach. The equipment used here like waterlase and sedation dentistry is the latest techniques and treatments.

Benefits of laser root canal therapy:

  • Reduces the side effects of the treatment.
  • With this technique the blood coming out of the teeth is reduced.
  • This treatment is given with minimum amount of anesthesia or no anesthesia.
  • Post-operative methods are eliminated in this laser treatment.
  • Comfortable during the treatment.
  • Less pain during the therapy.
  • Done in very less time compared to traditional method.
  • The healing is faster with laser root canal therapy.
  • Waterlase avoids the damage that can happen to the healthy portion of the teeth.
  • This is a more natural way of treatment.

Thus with laser therapy for your root canal keeps your teeth damage free and painless. If you want a comfortable treatment you can go with this laser root canal therapy or treatment.


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