Five Common Drugs That Certainly Affect on Driving

Many people think that only the alcohol will effect on driving ability, but even the drugs effect the driving ability like alcohol. Each drug has different and profound effect on the persons behavior and mood. The following are the some of the common drugs that certainly effect the ability on driving.

This will slow down the ability to drive, because this will effect on concentration and there will be difficulty in perceiving distance and time. This will leads to poor speed control, impaired reaction time, bad judgment, inability to read signals, feel distraction and drowsiness.

When this will combined with other drugs or alcohol it will give more effect like hallucination, anxiety, greater impairment in coordination and reaction time, even it increases heart rate and blood pressure it depends upon the combination of the drugs.

Use of this drug will give you more confidence and alertness, that can be very dangerous. This will interfere with the impair vision, concentration and increase the tendency to take more risks. This drug should not be taken with antidepressants class, which is know as MAO inhibits because this will crisis the potential hypertensive. Sometime the users of this drug also use depressant and marijuana drugs because to avoid the side effects of the crash.

The high dosage of this drug will impair the concentration and judgment. Also the vision and the coordination are impaired. This will create confusion and increase impulsive behavior that leads to take more risks. The person who uses this drug will maintains the illusion to be stimulated and alert, even though it will impair the physical reactions.

The person who uses this drug, who have high blood pressure may suffer from heart stroke or attack. When these is overdosed or used with drug called heroin then there will be increased risk of toxicity and even death.

Using of this drug will impair vision even in small or moderate doses, cause mental confusion and drowsiness. By this the driver may feel difficulty and make errors in judgment and not able to put the vehicle in correct lane.

Person who uses this drug cause memory impairment, drowsiness, alerted perceptions, lack of coordination, slower reaction time and poor control of speech. This will obviously effects on driving skills that includes difficulty in maintaining position of the lane correctly, poor tracking, they will neglect the roadside instructions.

When this drug is combined with another drug or alcohol this will depressants the central nervous system.



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