Important Facts on Folic Acid

Folic acid is a B vitamin (B9) and is water soluble. The vitamin helps prevent many major and serious birth defects in babies and so it is important to obtain folic acid before and during pregnancy.

Folic acid aids the formation of spine, skull and brain in the fetus. So, it is safe and beneficial while used in pregnancy in recommended doses either in the form of food or supplements like capsules.

Everyone needs folic acid as it helps the body make healthy new cells and it is considered as important, especially for pregnant women. Women need 400mcg of folic acid every day. Too much or large doses of multivitamins are not encouraged unless recommended, as it can do more harm rather than good.

Folic acid can be obtained from many foods like liver, egg yolk, whole grains, beans, wheat bran, dark green leafy vegetables, asparagus, citrus fruits, broccoli, peas, avocado, seeds, nuts, corn, carrots, cauliflower etc.

Folic acid helps reduce the risk of serious birth defects. It also helps the fetus to protect against some diseases which the mother possesses. It helps to reduce the risk of stroke, helps to treat cancer in recommended doses.

People who consume excess of alcohol, people with celiac and crohn’s disease, people who eat over cooked food, people who are under other medication are considered at higher risk of Folic acid deficiency.

Folic acid deficiency during pregnancy results in low weight of the birth babies, fetal growth retardation and preterm delivery. It may also leads to abortion and pregnancy complications, depression, diarrhea, anemia, confusion, fetal neural tube and brain defects, glossitis.

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