Synthetic Marijuana and Bath Salts Banned in Pennsylvania

An ongoing battle against drug abuse in Pennsylvania, came to an end on 22nd August, by passing a law stating the ban of synthetic marijuana and bath salts. The use of both these drugs was made illegal which costs the abusers a penalty of $15,000 and up to five years in prison for a first offense of delivery or possession of synthetic marijuana and bath salts. Possession of fake drugs alone carries a penalty of one year prison and $5,000 fine.

The district Attorney found that these drugs are an emerging trend for people who think that they have a loop hole to abuse drugs with freedom. But, the fact is that they are dangerous and are completely unregulated even by the black market standards. After seeing the harmful effects of these drugs in the surrounding areas the attorney thought it was correct to impose law like this which keeps all these drugs away from the County.

With the law passed in Pennsylvania, it became the 21st nation to ban these substances. However, despite of the bans new products of bath salts with different names already replaced the old products. Even though it seemed like a never ending battle the authorities decided to adopt the changes as quick as the drug market adapts it.

The authorities are planning to concentrate more to stop the development of new drugs and similar products, by imposing higher penalties for the people who are called as professional drug traffickers, who are the main reason for the so many people being in drug possession on streets.

According to the Mayor, the officers found that the people using these products are becoming more violent and are very difficult to control. They are becoming psychotic, and aggressive when an officer responds to a disturbance. Keeping this in mind they thought of educating young people about the awful effects of drug abuse, which seemed to be the only way to control this condition.


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