A Ban on Synthetic Cannabis in Newzealand

The use of cannabis is popular in most of the countries. Its products include all the herbs collected from marijuana plant. Besides these natural cannabis a huge number of artificial cannabis are being produced in the market by adding some chemicals to the existing cannabis. Since they are legal and are easily available in the market under several names, people tend to use them instead of cannabis, which are illegal.

However, synthetic cannabis are found more harmful than the natural cannabis since their production requires some chemicals. In some places these artificial cannabis are banned taking the public health in to consideration.

Now, the latest news says that synthetic cannabis are also banned in Newzealand. The Parliament passed a bill banning dozens of synthetic cannabis for a period of 12 months. This includes the ban of 43 synthetic products including the popular kronic.

The legislation has given the retailers a grace period of seven days to remove the products from sale. However, the government applied the ban using a temporary class drug notice, which is a new mechanism that replaces the temporary ban on “unregulated substances of concern”. With this classification, the product can be temporarily termed as a drug, until the Minister of Health is concerned about its availability as an “unregulated psychoactive substance for which there is an unknown level of harm”.

Since, these products often appear in the market with changed names, the government wants to capture them all and wants to implement a permanent ban in the coming year.


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