Statewide Ban on Synthetic Drugs

For the second time Missouri has targeted the drugs. A statewide ban has been announced which came in to action from the midnight of August, 28th calling for a ban on bath salts and synthetic marijuana.

According to the news release the legislation made a new law on possession and sale of substances which contain synthetic cannabis and any ethers or salts commonly called as K2 or K3 as a schedule 1 illegal drugs.

According to the National Conference of State legislatures at least 38 states have placed similar rules and restrictions on the harmful substances. The police authorities are also strictly implementing the laws as they implement them for alcohol and other illegal drugs.

The American Institute of Poison Control Centers, reported that they have faced nearly 2700 cases alone related to the drug abuse, which fall under synthetic drug use. They found that people are using these drugs since these synthetic drugs produce mimicking effects similar to marijuana and cocaine and are easily and cheaply available than those drugs.

Along with the number of sufferers there are huge number of people who participate in the illegal drug possession. This law also made some tough and strict rules related to the synthetic drug possession which will result in huge penalties and imprisonment.

Possession of 35 grams of synthetic cannabinoid will be considered as class c felony and the possession of less than 35 grams is a class A misdemeanor. Possession of bath salts, irrespective of the quantity is considered as class c felony.


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