Top Selling Hybrid Cars in The United States

Hybrid cars can work on two or more fuel sources. The main advantages with hybrid cars are environmental friendly and fuel-efficient. Over the last few years, hybrid vehicles flooding the market. Since 2007 the number of available hybrid vehicle brands have become more than doubled in the United States. In 2012 US alone 434,498 hybrid electric vehicles were sold out. As per Annual Energy Outlook 2013, there are 1,890,265 hybrid vehicles in the US in 2010. According to the June 2012 report, there were 2,180,000 hybrid cars in the United States. Toyota is consistently offering the most fuel efficient hybrid vehicles, and as of 2009 it captured almost three quarter of United States Hybrid market. Even though there is more competition in the market, Toyota has good sales in 2013. There are two best-selling hybrid cars and having five cars in top ten from Toyota. We wil discuss them briefly.

Toyota: The Toyota’s hybrid cars are ruling the US hybrid market. Now we will see the Most selling 2013 models from Toyota.

  • Prius Liftback: This is the North American sales leader. The mileage is 50 mpg and it is available at $24,200. There are more than 1.2 million vehicles sold since 2000. There are four (Two, Three, Four and Five) Prius models available in 2013 addition.
  • Camry Hybrid: Toyota Camry hybrid is available around $26,140 and the mileage is 41 MPG. It is having spacious and comfortable backseat, excellent braking distances, quick acceleration and good fuel economy. But the steering is numb.
  • Prius C: The Toyota carried Prius C with no major changes in 2013. The price is around $19000 and the mileage is 50MPG.
  • Prius V: It has larger space than the standard Prius hatchback. It relies on regular Prius power-train. The mileage is 42 MPG and available around $26,000. It has roomy cabin, quiet and comfy ride, generous cargo capacity and excellent fuel economy. It is having disappointed interior materials, overly busy gauge cluster and difficult to the taller drivers.
  • Avalon Hybrid: It is available around $35000. The mileage for Avalon is 40 MPG. New features and fresh look made the Avalon as good choice for full size hybrid sedan. It has large trunk, roomy seating front and rear, upscale and quiet interior and exceptional fuel economy.

Ford: The ford is also giving good competition with its new models. The most selling hybrid models from ford are:

  • Fusion Hybrid: The Ford Fusion Hybrid is in continue in a top position in hybrid market. It is giving the mileage of 47 MPG and available around $27,000. The advantages of Fusion hybrid are eye-catching because of their style, advanced technology and safety features and high fuel economy. The discouraging issues are finicky MyFord Touch interface and austere interior design.
  • C – MAX Hybrid: The Ford C – MAX Hybrid is available at $25,200. It can give the mileage of 47 MPG. It is attractive with elevated driving position, abundant features, quick acceleration, responsive handling, refined ride, stylish and well made interior and excellent gas mileage. Has less cargo space than rivals, Long braking distances and finicky infotainment controls are the drawbacks.

The other cars from Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and Kia’s Optima Hybrid are in the top ten of the hybrid cars market with it’s 2013 models.


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