Latest Safety Features in Cars

You may always hear that automobile industry is advancing their safety devices and features, but what exactly they are and how will these features help in protecting you and other passengers? In this article, we will discuss about the latest safety features that are found in new cars.

Latest safety features found are new cars are listed below

brake line repair kit1) GPS navigation system
GPS navigation system uses Global Positioning Satellite and sensors in the car that pinpoints exact location you are planning to go which gives you turn by turn directions via video screen or voice or both for helping you in finding your way. No matter how confused and how lost you get, this system help you in finding your destination.

2) Rear view camera
A small camera that is mounted on the back of the vehicle transmits the image of people or any object behind you to the dashboard or rearview. It was limited to luxury models and now becoming popular in mid range cars also. There is a possibility that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will make this technology standard to all vehicles in coming years.

Brake System University3) Lane departure warning system
These systems help in preventing head on collisions and other catastrophes. Cameras or sensors are placed around the vehicle for determining its position in the lane. When you are leaving your lane, flashes of light with beep alerts occur. Some car models have a vibrating steering wheel for alerting you.

4) Reverse backup sensors
Operating with a camera or without a camera, this feature help in alerting you when you are about to collide with some objects. When reversing, Closer as you get to the object, there is more frequency of the beep. This technology is inexpensive when compared to rear view camera.

Brake line repair5) Automatic Brakes
This system prevents or lessens the impact of collision from whatever is front of you. Actually there is a radar fixed in front of the car that indicates you about the objects in front of you. This technology will also become standard in all cars in coming years.

6) Forward collision avoidance system
This system is also called as pre-crash warning system and is combined with automatic brakes. The driver gets warning from this system with video or audio clues, if they are about to run in to something.

7) Parking assist
Recent model cars are offering features that detect the size of parking area for your car, before you start positioning it for parking, thus allowing you to take off your hand from the steering wheel completely while the computer backs the vehicle in place.

These features are designed to ensure safety of the driver as well as passengers, especially in case of accidents.


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