Vehicle Telematics

The electronic technology and the computer involved in the vehicle are called as telematics. The telematics in a vehicle represents the automatic driving assistance, wireless safety communications, integrated hands free mobile phones, GPS navigation, emergency warning systems etc.

  • Satellite navigation: The satellite navigation is one of the technologies in the vehicle telematics. This technology uses the electronic mapping system and GPS. With the help of this the driver can locate a position, route planning and can navigate the journey.
  • Mobile data: Mobile phones and hands free sets are playing a key role in the care electronics. For instance, the new Land Rover LRX has an iPhone dock which let you to control many of your vehicle’s functions from phone. Some companies producing crosses between a GPS and a laptop for more wireless connectivity.
  • Vehicle tracking: Vehicle tracking system is a way of monitoring the behavior, status, movements and location or fleet of a vehicle. This type of technology is mostly used by the delivery and transportation businesses. They send the products and large fleets of vehicles. To track the workers and plan out the complicated and important routes, the companies relating to maintenance and repair, taxi, delivery trucks can use sophisticated electronics. This system works with a combination of GPS receiver and the electronic device installed in each vehicle, communicating with PC and user or web based software.
  • Emergency warning system: The vehicle telematics emergency warning systems are particularly developed for international standardization and harmonization of vehicle to infrastructure, infrastructure to vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle real time DSRC (dedicated short-range communication) systems. Telematics are most commonly associated to computerized systems. Within the same time, they received the information, they update it, and it occurs when in a remote machine or group of machines control or directs a process, such as instantaneous autonomous warning notification.
  • Cold store: to deliver the frozen and fresh foods cold store many people and companies use freight trailers. The temperature time series data inside the cargo container is gathering by the telematics to trigger alarms and record an audit trail for commercial purposes. To ensure the temperature throughout remains within food safety parameters throughout the cargo, many RFID incorporated sophisticated array of sensors are being used.

Because of commercialization of telematics and the vast usability by the public, this business is on a growth track. There are many applications, which are used in the mobile, and smartphones can directly install and use in with the car telematics systems. It will help for more convenient and safer driving. So most of the car companies are making them inbuilt features in the vehicles. If you need any additional or advanced equipment, you can easily get and install that after-market equipment from many auto stores.


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