The Rain Sensor and Automatic Wipers Technology

This rain sensor wiper system senses any moisture on the wind-shield, for example, it automatically activates and starts wiping, because the system experiences the interruption to its infrared beam when it senses moisture strikes on the windshield. Then, the infrared beam is reflected outside the surface of the windshield and to the infrared sensor array.

The digital signal and the advanced analog processing will determine the intensity of the snow or rain. The sensor communicates with the wiper control model to switch on the wipers motor and automatically it controls the wipers. To activate this feature you need to end of the multi-function lever that can be rotated to one of the six settings.

According to the heavy rain, these sensors automatically adjust the wiper to the wind-shield. This uses the light emitting diodes (LED) sensor, which is fitted behind the internal mirror which is to detect the amount of snow or rail falling on the windscreen. Of course, you can adjust the wiper but that will clean according to your choice. This consists of a central photo diode and numerous infrared light emitting diodes. So the light which is emitted by the light emitting diode get reflected by the windscreen to the photo sensor. This is like when it senses more drops of water then the sensor receives less light. This information will get passed to an electronic control unit that adapts windscreen wipe intervals.

This is useful especially when you are unable to see while overtaking any other heavy vehicles like lorries on the wet road.



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