Given an option to purchase a car, which is a better option – an automatic or a manual transmission car? Choosing a car might be hard for you. The following points will help you decide which type of transmission in cars will be best for you.

Comparison of manual cars with automatic cars
The following eight points help you point out the difference between an automatic car and a manual transmission car:

1) Cost: Manual transmission cars are less expensive than automatic transmission cars.

2) Fuel consumption: People who are most concerned about mileage will choose manual cars as these cars less fuel because there is clutch system which uses less energy whereas automatic transmission consumes much fuel as there is loss of energy in hydraulic torque convertor.

3) Maintenance cost: Maintenance cost is low in manual cars and can be simply maintained whereas it costs higher in automatic cars.

4) Maintenance of breakdown cost: Break down maintenance cost relating to transmission failures is low whereas break down maintenance of automatic car is high because of the complex system.

5) Ease: Automatic cars are easy to drive especially for those who find difficult in shifting a gear thereby concentrating less on road.

6) Sportive Thrill: Manual transmission cars are more sportive as the option of shifting of the gear lies with the driver whether more acceleration is needed to require for driving is ultimately chosen by the driver whereas the driver will not be free to choose any other option when changing the speed.

7) Convenience and comfort: Cars that are manual are not comfortable because the driver needs to operate clutch and shift gear, which is inconvenient in heavy traffic whereas automatic cars are comfortable as the drivers need not worry about the clutch and gear coordination thereby making driving much convenient even in heavy traffic.

8) Skill Required for driving: As there is coordination of clutch and gears, driving manual car requires more skill. A clutch needs to be operated when moving from stopped position and changing gears. It takes some time to get habituated to driving a manual car whereas less skills are required for driving an automatic car.

This is because you need not require changing of gear, everything is done automatically and just the brake, accelerator and steering needs to be operated by the driver. Thus, it is easier to learn driving an automatic transmission car smoothly when compare to manual car.

An automatic car is more suitable for those who are new to driving thereby allowing them to focus and concentrate much on road.

Taking into account these points, decide which car you would like to buy.