Hurricane Sandy claimed nearly 157 lives. At least 88 people died in the US, 67 in the Caribbean and 2 in Canada. The worst hit states in US were New York and New Jersey.

In New York nearly 2.3 million people were without electricity and at least 100 homes were destroyed. In New Jersey nearly 2 million people were without power. Sandy claimed at least 37 lives in New York and 8 lives in New Jersey.

People of New York and New Jersey had to face many problems in the wake of sandy storm such as the subway system was closed due to no power, more than half of the gas stations were without fuel, millions of people were without power and no food to eat.

Airports in New York and New Jersey were closed and many flights were canceled. New York and New Jersey had to face major traffic jams at various parts of the city, leading to chaos and turmoil among people.

Two children aged two and four lost their lives, while they were riding with their mother in SUV on Staten Island, as the sandy storm swept them away leaving the mother crying for help. Many people were feared dead in the wake of sandy storm. It left many people homeless, seeking for shelter and food.

Many people have been alerted to evacuate the low-lying areas, as these areas were likely be badly affected by the sandy storm.

By MND A01