Information on the Lane Department Warning (LDW) Technology

LDW technology is developed for commercial truckers, but variations of this technology are adopted by many major car manufacturers. Europe has adopted this system in the early years of 21st century. The most advanced version of this system is used in high-end luxury cars, like the Infiniti M-2011. This technology can actually nudge the driver back into the proper lane. It is the technology which is aimed at stemming the effects of driver fatigue and distraction. This system uses the integrated system of cameras that pay attention to the lines on the road. When the driver begins to drift out of his lane, the camera’s pick up the changes of the lines on the road. Then the system either flashes light or gives alarm to alert the driver of the error.

How this technology works?

It uses tiny cameras which are mounted on rear view mirrors to watch the lane markings. The information is fed to an on-board computer, which then warns the driver with a combination of flash lights, steering wheel vibration and then gives an alarm that the car is drifting out of the lane. Even if the driver does not use a turn signal, this system will turn off the signal, but don’t use this as an excuse to leave your turn signals on forever, because this system comes with on/off switch. It is very sophisticated and will work under any kind of weather conditions.

The cars that have LDW system:

Every year, more and more number of cars are coming with this sytem. The Honda, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan Infiniti, KIA and GM, are the companies currently offering this technology in their various models. This technology may be named differently in different models of cars – Lexus’s Lane-keeping Assist, Nissan’s Lane Departure Prevention, etc. Also, this technology may work a bit differently in each of these models – in some models the car breaks on changing the lanes, while in others, the system gives warning to the driver.

LDW technology is the latest technology in cars, that assures safe driving. Though cars equipped with this technology may be priced little higher, they are worth the cost.


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