GM Plans to Launch New Ecotec Gasoline Engine

US top car manufacturing industry, General Motors, is introducing its new ecotec gasoline engines which are very fuel efficient. It is being released worldwide. Ecotec engines provide more fuel economy, better performance, higher quality and reduce the carbon dioxide emission.

These ecotec engines come with three and four-cylinder engines ranging with 1.0L to 1.5L. All the engines come with advanced features like light weight, design and technology with direct injection, turbocharged which are providing more efficiency and performance. The company explains about the features of the engine, that it comes with no noise, vibrations and harshness which are the common drawbacks in most of the engines.

With people mainly concentrating on models which reduce the petrol usage and carbon emission, GM is aggressively working on the electrification of vehicles and other technological developments regarding the engine’s internal combustion.

The engine development is the largest product development strategy, which is used to reduce the engineering complexity while manufacturing.


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