Many New Models are Making Their Entry in to the US Auto Market

US auto makers are getting good sales growth in the US auto market. The overall sales growth for September, 2011 is 10% in the US market. Almost all the brands are increasing their market share. New model vehicles are dominating the US auto market. The market is getting positive sales growth with cars and SUVs. Car manufacturing companies are also introducing new model vehicles continuously for getting profitable response in the market.

Honda motors got a good sales performance with its midsize sedans and CR-V SUVs. According to the source, though Honda has managed to get a good response, consumers are still expecting some more innovative and technological developments from Honda.

Chevrolet’s Cruze model stood for many months as the top selling model in US. Chevrolet is also performing good with Malibu, which has the facilities of bigger passenger component, with high mpg facilities and more eco-friendly model.

Ford motors is coming with new Fusion midsize sedans and Escape crossover SUVs in 2012. The existing models are also performing well in the auto market, with their technological features. They are hoping that Ford’s new models will create a benchmark in the auto market with new styles and technology.

BMW is introducing small size luxury sport sedans, convertibles coupes and wagons. BMW is introducing the 3-series model cars in 2012. BMW plans to introduce 6-series coupe model cars also whose sales start in 2013. It is found that already existed 3-series sedans are having the good sales response.

Altima is the best selling model of Nissan, which is also one of the top selling model car in America. Altima is the midsize sedan.

Toyota is coming into the market with replaced models, which represents its market reputation. Camry is one of the models of Toyota which is the midsize sedan and second one is Tacoma, midsize pickup vehicle which will come in the second half of 2012.

All the auto makers are getting good response with their existing models and they are also developing the technology to introduce more new models for coming years.


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