Audi Sales for January, 2012 Rose by 19.7%: US Auto Industry Reports

January 2012 luxury car sales in US had a positive growth. German luxury car Audi in US performed well in January growing at a rate of 19.7% (sales growth). Audi US sold 9,354 vehicles in January which is more than last year January sales (7,812u nits).

Earlier Audi US announced their consecutive 13th month sales growth with January,2012 sales. In US demand of diesel version vehicles provides more sales, Audi’s C and D segments in diesel version performed well in US.

Individually some models in US received good growth like, A6 models received around 90% growth, TT models received 88% growth, Q5 and Q7 growth are 26% and 15% respectively. For January diesel cars sales was also good, growing at 67.2% (sales).

Pre-owner sales of Audi also increased more in January, the growth of Pre-owned car sales increased by 15% and sold 2,570 units. Mr. Johan de Nysschen, president of Audi US said, US consumers are sending signals as Audi at the top in luxury segment, I am optimistic that 2012 will be the another face setter.


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