US Auto Industry is Crazy About Diesel Version

Car makers in US focus on their consumer benefits, mostly all car makers focusing on their diesel version car production. Increasing gasoline prices in US diverted car manufacturers interest on diesel versions.

Diesel vehicles give nearly 30% more fuel economy to users. Clean diesel models are not smokey or noisy. Diesel is not more costly than other gasolene prices, diesel version models have the global demand.

In US Diesel cars and trucks sales increased in 2011, auto industry sold 111,000 units with 27% sales growth which is more than 2010 sales. In recent years diesel vehicle uses in US is increasing. According to Bosh survey, 32% of US car users are willing to consider diesel version for last year.

Many car makers already introduced their diesel versions and many are coming into market with their new diesel versions. Porsche is coming with Cayenne SUV diesel version in April, Volkswagen is coming with its new Beetle diesel, Chevrolet is coming with Cruze compact diesel, Mazda is coming with its diesel version next year.


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