New Car Prices Increasing Along with the Sales in US

US auto sales hit the top values: January auto sales in US hit the highest rate since 2008. Auto sales in US is increasing with increasing GDP of the country and improvement economic conditions. Particularly new vehicle sales in US is increasing more rapidly than used cars. According to auto data US auto sales were increased up to 11.4% in 2011.

New vehicle sales are increasing along with which vehicle prices are also increasing, US consumer spends 11% more an average for new vehicle, average spending on a vehicle increased from $25,550 to $28,341. Automakers are reducing incentives on new vehicles through discounts or offers, incentives in recent days were decreased to $2,680 from $3,018.

Consumers are paying additional prices for buying additional perks like vehicles entertainment features and additional attractive features for outlook of the vehicles.

Mr. John Humphrey, associate voice president of global automotive said that “We see increasing optimism but automakers discipline in production must remain”.


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