SME IT Spending Dropped As a Result of Recession

There is a lot of impact on SME’s IT spending and it is not expected to react the 2008 levels till next year. According to the research from IDC, there is an expectation of growth in IT spending by about 5.5 percent in the next 4 years to reach an annual of $629.3 billion by 2014. According to market watcher, the growth is considerably less than previous prediction.

There is expectation of increase in global spending by $17.4 billion this year. But, still it is not expected to reach the levels which were in 2008. Rapid increase can be expected in PCs and peripherals market which will be followed by packaged software. SME spending on systems and storage is not expected to grow much.

The top growth regions in UK would be Central and Eastern Europe. There will be also growth in Middle East and Africa. There would be an increase in Asia-Pacific and Latin America by 7 percent within the next 4 years. There would be modest increase in mature markets like Western Europe by about 3 to 4 percent.


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