Americans Expect Small Businesses Will Lead to a Better Future

Around 98 percent of all American firms have less than 100 employees and about 90 percent of all firms in the United States have less than 20 employees which contribute to 97 percent new jobs in United States, as per the latest statistics from US Census Bureau.

Many of the Americans are having a lot of faith in small business owners, entrepreneurs and science and technology leaders for making a better future of United States.

About 63 percent of Americans expressed that entrepreneurs and small businesses are going to lead the for a better future. Americans are expecting a lot from the entrepreneurs and small businesses by keeping them on priority. 52 percent of Americans are having confidence in science and technology leaders to lead to a better future.

Government should have been leading but it is at just 31 percent. 21 percent of large corporations and business leaders have come next. There is only 13 percent faith in the traditional news media such as newspapers, television, magazines and radio.



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