Online shopping is an easy way of shopping via Internet. Online shopping offers an unlimited range of products like bags, accessories, jewelry, computers, i-Pods, books, clothes, kitchen appliances, Mobile phones, TVs, Audio systems, laptops, movies tickets, DVD.

Internet was launched a few years earlier in India. But online shopping boosted very fast in India. However, slow penetration of the Internet in many parts of the country made online shopping limited to major metros of India.

In earlier period, online shopping has no any importance in India. Fear of losing money was the main reason to avoid online shopping. With technological development and secured service online shopping style totally changed in India and now it is increasing day by day.

Online shopping offers following benefit to buyers:

  • RSS booksOption to choose from wide variety of products.
  • No need to go market or mall for better deal.
  • Access to shop anything at anytime.
  • Option to compare the product prices and buy with a better option.
  • Chances to get discount over the shopping

Online shopping has very bright future in India. According to e-commerce observers, this style of business has potential to reach $100 billion in coming years. Air and rail tickets estimated at INR 30 crore are sold by online shopping in India. According to survey report, a jewellery piece is sold on every five minutes, a mobile handset on every eight minutes and a car on every nine hours.

Therefore, online shopping is spreading very fast in India. These trends visualize that coming market will totally online.

By MND A01