Awards Honouring Cine-Act

In the year of 2005, 78th Academy awards were hosted at the Kodak Theatre in California. Academy President, at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, announced nominees on 31st January.

Ang Lee’s drama – Brokeback Mountain had the most nominations in 78th Academy award. They finally made eight awards overall at the end. Paul Haggis’ – Crash, George Clooney’s -Good Night, and Rob Marshall’s – Memoirs of a Geisha also received six nominations each.

This year ceremony was majorly remembered for the nominations in independently financed, low budget movies. The subject matter of the nominated films in this award mainly focused on controversial, political and social issues. These issues include racial relations, homosexuality, Tran sexuality, McCarthyism, anti-Semitism and terrorism.

There was a major upset at the climax of the ceremony. Brokeback Mountain, Crash, which was already publicly and critically acclaimed, wrapped the ceremony with three Oscar’s awards each. There was some minor controversy regarding the nomination, but over all things went on well.



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