The Zayed Future Energy Prize Was Awarded To TOYOTA:

The Toyota is the world’s largest car company. The Zayed future energy prize 2010 was awarded to Toyota for its contribution to the battle against climate change. The Zayed future energy prize was created in honor of Sheikh Zayed. Sheikh Zayed is late founder of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He founded UAE to inspire the next generation of global energy innovators.

The Toyota Motor company implemented the ground breaking fuel efficiency system of the third generation Toyota prius. The third generation Toyota prius is the world’s first mass produced hybrid vehicle. And it is also world’s best selling hybrid car.

The prize amount is US $15 million. And the prize amount was given by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed at emirates hall. The prize was received by Vice Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation, Mr. Kazuo Okamoto. Zayed future energy is creating a platform for global recognition and further innovation. The experts said that Toyota had “set the global standard for fuel-efficiency and innovation”.

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