As legally the car insurance fraud is a serious crime. It costs insurance companies millions of dollars. It occurs when an owner of the car tries to file a bogus claim, such as stealing of car that really not happened, and a bogus accident. There are many ways to report such type of car insurance frauds. The reporting process takes less than few minutes and it is an easy process.

  1. Report the crime to your local police station by dialing local police department number. You can get the police department number in your phone book diary. Report the date and time of the incident, vehicle number, the model of the car and name of the person who is going to claim a fraud. Any relevant information related to that fraud can be helpful for the policies to resolve the fraud.
  2. If possible capture the picture of the incident. This can make your report more strong and they can be used as major evidence to show the fraud.
  3. Report the fraud accident immediately when happened, take the witness from the surrounding people who saw the incident.
  4. Contact your insurance claims department immediately if you find fraud on the part of accident victims. You should receive the details from the drivers involved in an accident and provide the information to the insurance company to process and to find the fraud.

In this way, you can report car insurance fraud to the concerned officers.

By MND A01