Advantages of 2D Barcode Technology

Barcodes, which are printed on the products or items have information about the product as serial number, price, date of manufacturing etc. This information present in the barcodes is retrieved by barcode readers. There are many types of barcodes such as numeric only barcodes and alpha numeric barcodes and two dimensional barcodes and etc.

2D barcodes technology is the advanced technology compared to the numeric only, and alpha numeric barcodes technology. High security for applications in retail, production and manufacturing is provided by the barcode technology. Profits can be improved by 2D barcode technology as they are useful in asset tracking and theft prevention security-systems.

Using 2D barcode technology with biometric physiological technologies is the best to interpret digital data of a transformed image into a readable code. In order to insert a lot of data, and save the time and money, the vertical dimension is used by 2D barcodes.

It is easy to identify authentication in typical applications by using 2D barcodes. It is important to have the 2D barcodes on the drivers’ licenses, and many other identification cards to make them fast and easy to read. 2D barcodes contain a huge of amount of data. In order to verify and transmit the necessary data across the considerable distances, law enforcement, and the military applications are incorporating biometric identification authentication techniques in government based on the 2D barcodes.

Upper and lower case letter, numerical symbols and special characters are used by 2D barcodes, which are compressed images or barcodes in small area. This data which compressed in barcodes can be read by barcode scanner like Symbol barcode scanner.

Using 2D barcodes with biometric technologies can make the business more efficient, secure and productive. Choosing a right barcode and barcode scanner like Symbol scanners, barcode printer is also important to any business.



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