Best Woman Player of Tennis

It is very difficult to say the best woman tennis player. There are top four women players in tennis who won the most most major singles titles, such as: Steffi Graf, she won 22 titles, Martina Navratilova won 18 titles, Chris Evert won18 titles and Serena Williams won 13 titles.

Steffi Graf

There is a way to judge the top tennis players that is counting how many of the four major singles titles which are won by the player. Such major singles are Wimbledon, Australian, French and United States opens. It is very difficult to win in major tournaments because there are many top players. The top player can be judged by the sports history as well.

Serena Williams got 13 titles and she is not greatest in major titles. Navratilova and Evert are the good players, they won the major tournaments than Serena Williams. 167 singles titles were won by Navratilova are more than 157 titles which were won by Evert. And 31 major championships were won by Navratilova in doubles. Navratilova is above the Evert and Williams. But best rank goes to Steffi graf as the greatest woman tennis player for ever. She played in the year of 1980 and 1990, and she won more titles than Navratilova and she won all four major singles titles during 1988. Navratilova did not win them. And each of the four major tournaments at least four times were won by Steffi graf.

So that is why Steffi graf was ranked as the best player in tennis among other tennis players.



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