Few years ago Internet was introduced in India. Due to poor Internet connectivity of Internet in all places of India, online shopping was limited to major cities only. The other two reasons for slow Internet market in India are: Firstly it is a totally new concept for the Indian market and second is the fear of losing money while shopping

But, as time went on, online technology developed very fast and it touched to maximum part of the India. Hence, a tremendous change is spotted in online shopping style. A research report also states that, Indian market has a fast growing online market.

According to current market, the Internet and mobile association of India (IAMAI) has made the e-commerce market of Rs 9,210 crore. It is estimated to grow up to 30 per cent year-on-year. Online shopping builds loyal customer and provides selling venture to that place where they don’t have any physical presence.

In fiscal year of 2009, online retailers sold Rs 122 crore worth of goods. By 2011, online retailers expect it to be 2-3 per cent. As compared to worldwide, it contributes 7-10 per cent of total sales. Electronic goods and apparel are the most bought products in online shopping.

Therefore in coming year, India has very bright future in online shopping or e-commerce. Since, it is totally a new experience to the Indian consumer so there is a hope for the longest run in coming future.

By MND A01