If you still believe that mobile app is only for the big brands, you are wrong. There is no doubt that every business today needs a mobile app. Whether you own a mid size or small business, a dedicated mobile app and effective mobile strategy is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, you may be missing out the opportunities for growth.

If you are still not sure why you need your own mobile app, here are some top reasons that may help you to understand:

Be visible all the time
ad hostingYou need no study to tell that people are constantly looking at their Smartphones. As per the latest studies, an average US person spends almost two hours on mobile devices. And when people are on their mobile devices 89 percent of time they are interacting with apps. Not all the apps get the same level of engagement and popularity. Only few apps get the lion share of the total time that the users spent on mobile devices. However, if your app is properly optimized and favoured by the users your business can get probably the biggest exposure.

Do not expect the kind of engagement like the global brands from your app. However, if it is smart, lean and rewarding you can expect to build a loyal user base. The biggest advantage of having an app is that your brand will be constantly visible and you can remain connected with your loyal customers. It makes the bonding between you and your customers stronger.

Promotional platform
A mobile app once built becomes a free platform to promote your products. If you like to sell your products through other online store you will have to face stiff competition from other renowned brands, pay a good price for promotion and if the products still sell you need to pay them commission. On the opposite side on your own app you need to invest negligible amount to carry out any promotion and the money that you make from selling the products are completely yours.

Your app gives the opportunity to recognize and reward your customers. Using your app you can communicate with the customers any time about an upcoming sale, announce a special event or send push notifications.

Penetrate the global market<br/Mobile apps, social platforms and web have made possible for any local business reach global markets. If you think that your business has the potential to attract global customers, why you will confine it to the local arena only? Use your own app to reach global markets and audience. Your mobile app may help you to connect with similar minded people irrespective of the geographical boundaries. As a result, your business can enjoy global exposure with wide variety of audience.

Get customer insights

Even after understanding the immense potential of mobile apps, some small businesses are reluctant to invest in their own app. They believe that a building a new app will cost them a fortune and result will not be satisfactory. Building a simple and content focused app will not cost much. You can invest that amount for the benefits that your own app can offer.