LED lights have literally transformed the way we use lights in our day to day lives. These lights are way ahead from traditional lights and are regarded as some of the smartest solutions when it comes to illumination. In fact, most domestic houses and shops nowadays choose to use these lights because of the wide range of benefits that they have to offer. So let’s have a closer look at the various benefits of using LED lights.

Enhanced lifespan
One of the most important benefits offered by LED lights is that they have a remarkably long life as compared to usual lights and bulbs. LED bulbs and LED diodes stand out for their excellent operational lifetime that can go as high as 100000 hours which is equivalent to 11 years of regular and continuous operation. When used for 50% operation, they can perform for a period of 22 years. LED lights are much different from the standard lighting options. They do not burn out after some time and stop functioning like standard lights. The LED lighting diodes regularly emit lower levels of output over a rather long time and gradually become less bright.

Energy efficient
LED lights offer very high energy efficiency when compared to the usual lighting systems and the conventional light bulbs. Being a highly resourceful means of lighting and illumination, LED lights have an estimated average energy efficiency of about 80% to 90%. This means that around 80% of electrical energy used by these LED systems is converted into light; the rest of 20% is converted into other energy forms such as heat. This is in sharp contrast to the conventional luminous light bulbs that operate only at an energy efficiency of 20%, which means that about 80% of electrical energy is converted to heat.

Highly durable lighting systems
LED lights are known to be highly durable. They are built with sturdy components that make these lights highly rugged and capable of withstanding even the most critical and roughest conditions. LED lights are thoroughly resistant to vibrations, shock and external impacts. These make them great outdoor lighting options for rough conditions. They can withstand exposure to wind, weather, rain and even external vandalism, different types of traffic-related public exposures as well as hazards in manufacturing or construction sites.

Ecological and environment friendly
LED lights are completely free of any kind of toxic chemicals. The majority of traditional fluorescent lighting bulbs include different types of harmful materials and chemical substances like for instance mercury and lead that are quite dangerous for environment. On the other hand, the LED lights consist of non toxic materials. They are also 100% recyclable which means that they can help to reduce the carbon footprint by about a third. Their long operational lifespan also means that the LED light bulbs can save production costs and materials required to create 25 conventional incandescent light bulbs.

Zero UV Emissions
LED illumination produces very little infrared light as well as almost zero UV emissions which makes them perfect for regular usage.