UK SMB’s Online Advertising in Q2 2010: Webvisible Report

The WebVisible report of State of Small Business Online Advertising second quarter of 2010 examines the trends among WebVisible’s U.S. advertisers from Q2 2009 through Q2 2010. There is also an inclusion of analysis of data from more than 10,000 advertisers in the UK in this report.

Ad server softwareFindings of the WebVisible report:

  • There is a decrease in average UK advertiser spending by 1.8 percent from the first quarter of 2010 to second quarter of 2010.
  • Printers, beauty salons and car servicing shops are the categories which showed huge gains during first quarter to second quarter of 2010.
  • The CPCs in UK were on average one sixth of CPCs in the United States during second quarter of 2010.
  • Yahoo helped a lot for small business advertisers in the UK in second quarter of 2010. There was an in share of pending by 8.1 percent over first quarter of 2010 and also there was improvement in CTR by 3.3 percent and there was an increase in CPCs by 4.7 percent.
  • There was a loss for Bing and Google in share of spending in UK in second quarter of 2010 versus first quarter. The share of the Bing decreased by 15.1 percent and the share of the Google decreased by 6.9 percent.


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