77% small Business spend on IT Products

According to leading market research company NPD Group’s SMB Technology report, small and medium-sized businesses in United States would spend mostly on PCs this year than on any other major IT hardware category. As per the report, 77 percent which is more than three quarters of small and medium-sized businesses are planning to spend more or same on new PC equipment in 2010 when compared to 2009. Around 41 percent of small and medium businesses PC purchasing is expected to be through manufacturer direct channels. This percentage remains consistent irrespective of firm size. 43 percent of small businesses which have employees under 50 are willing to use e-commerce or retail channels for purchasing PC.

Statistical data on purchasing PC

  • 73 percent of small businesses surveyed expressed plans to buy PCs.
  • 75 percent of companies with less than 50-100 employees are planning to purchase PCs this year.
  • 60 percent of companies above 100 employees up to 1000 employees are planning to purchase PCs.

Reasons for purchasing PCs

  • 51% SMB are expecting growth in their opportunities.
  • 41% SMB are want to support of newly hired employees.


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