Scottish SMEs Showing Improvement in Trading Conditions

The larger Scottish firms are believing that it would take still 2 years for the Scottish economy to show the signs of recovery though there is rise in confidence. About 53 percent of the small businesses respondents in Scotland expressed that they have seen an improvement in trading conditions when compared to the previous year, according to the latest Bibby Financial Services Business Factors Index. Only 16 percent of the Scottish small businesses are feeling that the economy will take some time to recover.

About 48 percent of the small businesses in Scotland have shown increase in new customers in the past year. About 63 percent of them expressed that the trading conditions were stable when compared with UK on an average of 30 percent. Many of the country firms in are cautious about the effects of public sector spending cuts, though there is positive growth in the GDP.

Both finance industry and the government have to play larger roles to ensure that the small businesses have access to funding and also give liquidity which is required to invest in the business development which would contribute in the growth of small businesses.


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