Toyota which has recalled the largest number of cars in its history is now facing problems from the legal front. Toyota is being targeted by the consumers for several reasons from personal injuries to diminished value of the products. There is a wave of law suites from at least 40 states and that could cost billions of dollars for the Japanese based global auto major, according to the legal experts.

If we look at the history, earlier Ford motors faced a similar situation over a similar recall. In this case, all the similar lawsuits will be combined into a single case against Toyota, which will be called as class action. Lawsuits related to accidental injuries and deaths are the common cases filed against Toyota. Other than these, a class-action suit on behalf of U.S. shareholders accusing Toyota of misleading investors is also filed. On the other hand, GM and Ford are very actively working on how to take the advantage of the situation.

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By MND A01