US government accused that the Chinese companies are selling oil well drill pipes at unfairly low prices in the United States and launched an investigation. The U.S investigation covers that the Chinese companies are using heavyweight drill pipe and drill collars of iron or steel used to drill oil wells. Due to that reason US launched trade probe against China. It is first trade probe of 2010 against China.

The United States imported $194.6 million of the drill pipe in 2008 and $107.1 million in 2006 from China. The United States has 82 antidumping duty orders against a variety of Chinese goods.

The U.S International Trade Commission has decided to trade probe by mid February. U.S companies are threatened with injury by the imports. The Commerce department of U.S announced the preliminary countervailing duties in March and preliminary anti-dumping duties in June.

United steel workers union has been a driving force behind many cases against china.

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By MND A01