Low-Water Container Plants For Patio Or Deck

Planting trees and plants in a container or on the ground is no more a longer issue. Garden can be made easily by following some guidelines and instructions. But the selection of plant according to the location or area can make the garden grow in a better and effective way. The right selection of land also enhances the life of the plant.
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Many times maintenance and taking care of the plant becomes the issue for gardeners and they tend to loose their interest to grow any plant further. Many people want to have the small view of the garden but because of low space and maintenance, they don’t cultivate a garden. So for those garden lovers having a miniature garden is a good idea. With fewer efforts and maintenance this type of garden can be cultivated easily using varieties of containers and make the appearance stunning of any place. Many plants are there for the garden that can survive even with low water level. Usage of those plant in containers can make the patio or deck more beautiful.

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Pentas plant is also known as pentas lanceolata. It is a very attractive flower that comes in red, white, pink and purple color. It blooms in the warm tropical region, sunny area and requires well-drained & moist soil. It is a good plant for containers and grows slowly which makes it be considered as an indoor plant.

Miniature Garden

Scarlet Trumpet
It is also known as trumpet vine or trumpet creeper. Red color trumpet flower attracts hummingbirds. After growing to a certain level this plant does not require much maintenance but requires timely pruning to grow in a proper manner.

California Poppy
California poppy which also known as eschscholzia californica requires less or minimal watering and suits best to be planted in pots or other containers. It blooms in early summer to early fall in orange, red and yellow colors. California poppy is a drought resistant plant that can tolerate full sunlight.

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