Snow Driving Techniques

Driving on snowy roads needs care and preparation to stay safe and avoid any breakdown. Following are some snow driving techniques that will help you be careful with the road and the car condition while driving in snow.

  • Replacement auto parts reviewsClean the vehicles windows and glasses using a deicer or scraper. Don’t clean only a part of the window, because it will block the vision around you.
  • Keep the windshield and lights clean. Check whether they are working properly or not.
  • Wear comfortable and dry clothes. Do not drive with snow boots.
  • When the lock freezes don’t breath on it because the moisture will condense and freeze. It is suggested to use a lighter to heat it.
  • Pull away in second gear to avoid wheel spin. Turn on winter mode if you have the facility in your vehicle, it will automatically allow you to start with second gear.
  • If you know the area drive on the cleared roads.
  • If the reflection on the road looks like water than it might be ice. Better to drive slowly and carefully.
  • If you travel on the same road regularly remember the spots where frequent water gets collected and freezes on the road. Take extra care on those spots.
  • If the steering becomes lighter to turn, it is the sign for slippery conditions.
  • Bridges and flyovers cool from below so they freeze first. Beware on those places.
  • Always drive slowly. It will help to hold the grip and give time to take the decision in an event of incident.
  • When you are driving on hills use low gears to keep traction.
  • When you are driving on uphill, maintain constant speed without losing the grip.
  • In case of downhill do not drive faster.
  • Maintain good distance between your car and other cars.
  • If the car skids release the brakes and clutch.
  • Turn on lights, it helps to increase your visibility to other motorists.
  • When you get stuck, do not spin wheels. It will dig you deeper. Turn your vehicle to sides to push the snow out of the way.
  • Do not turn your steering too much when it is on icy roads, as the vehicle will skid easily.
  • Always keep the emergency kit in your vehicle.

Do not assume that your vehicle has all the capabilities to drive on snowy roads. You need to take all the control to make your driving safe and more comfortable.


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