97% of French Internet Users View Online Display Ads

The most recent trend of online advertising is most helpful for the growth of businesses throughout the world. Online advertising includes the use of Internet to provide marketing messages thereby attracting the customers. The customers are not restricted to a single location and are spread worldwide.

AdserverOnline advertising can include anything like text or display advertisements. It has been found that online display advertisements have more effect on consumers than any others. As stated by Comscore, it was found that 97% of the Internet uses of France were exposed to 55 billion online display advertisements in April 2011.

Among them, 15.7 billion were served on the online display ads on social networking sites. It constituted 82% of all people who were exposed to the display advertisements in April 2011. The largest share of online display advertisements were viewed through social networking sites (29%). The share of online display views by services was found to be 12.7%. It was followed by portals (12.1%), entertainment (7.8%), sports (4.1%), directories or resources (3.6%), and news or information (3.3%). The share of online display advertisement views by other publisher categories like games, community and retail was found to be 3%, 2.9% and 2.7% respectively. This data was as per the comscore Ad metrix which included online display ad views by Internet users of France above 15 years of age. With the increasing trend of online display advertising and also the rise in number of persons viewing the ads, the businesses are found to be more successful in terms of marketing.



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