Aston Martin Enters the Indian Car Market

British Super car maker Aston Martin entered the Indian auto market. It has unveiled its limited edition hyper car called the One 77 in India, which is priced at twenty Crore rupees. Only 77 cars of this model are out globally, of which five cars are yet to be sold.

Aston Martin considers Rapide is the prefect model to enter in the Indian market and it has four doors, four full seats and a decent boot coupled with sports car performance. It is a car with 6.0 L engine, 470 bhp and it has a torque of 443 lbf·ft. It has six speed transmission and tops speed is 188.5 mph. This car is built on an aluminum VH body structure. Rapide is made up of Aluminum, magnesium alloy and the weight of this massive Rapide is nearly around two tonnes. The only problem with this car is that, repairing requires high levels of skill and experience. Apart from that costs of repair are also very high and it takes much time to repair.

Another super car in the line up of Aston Martin is 2+2 seated two door DB9 that sports the same engine and chassis as the Rapide. It accelerates faster to 100kph by 0.4 of a second due to its lighter weight.

Other cars in this line up are DBS sports which has a 510-horsepower V-12, massive wheels and a low slung hood. It competes with super cars like the Ferrari 599 GTB and Maserati GranTurismo. Vantage is the other car which has 4.8 litre alloy engine which produces 420bhp and 48kgm of torque and reaches a top speed of 290kph. The V8 costs Rs 1.28 crore and the V12 costs a princely Rs 1.94 crore.

Company also announced that Infiniti Cars will be the official importer of Aston Martin in India.

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