Released by: (HIOC) increased content in ‘Education’ section with a limited view of education. The focus of this section is to grow the person to look beyond superstition, prevailing practices, rituals and established ways of thinking. This section brings into light, what a real education is all about.

The content in the education section is intended to broaden your horizon to be able to connect meaningfully and positively with the society and its institutions. These articles are created to make you a supporter and enabler of all good things that happen in your immediate society. This section explains the basic theme of education – Getting educated means signing up for doing something positive for the society.

The Education section also provides useful and functional information on ‘White Collar Crime’. As the name goes, ‘White Collar Frauds’ typically involve persons who typically have college degrees as against the illiterate/ uneducated thieves and criminals. There is a wrong perception that there are few or no negative consequences in committing white collar crimes. In fact, its negative impact is a lot more disastrous and one can get his/her career ruined. In this section, you can learn about the negative consequences of getting involved in white collar crimes.

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